• lightdm not working, how to get to console to install gdm?

    My lightdm logon screen is broken. No background image. White box with antergos logo is there, but no user list. Icon is in the top right corner to select background images, but only trash shows up if I select it.

    So how to I get to the console to try installing gdm?

  • Well, I fixed it, by accident. Ctrl+Alt+F2 did nothing so I did the only sensible thing. I pushed just about every button combination under the sun. I am running a Dell Precision Mobile Workstation 5510 (XPS15 for Linux). I think it was Ctrl+Fn+Alt+F2 that brought me to the console. I saw another post which had the same issue and it was said there that the bug was already fixed so all I had to do was update with sudo pacman -Syu and reboot. That fixed everything.

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