• B.I.D.A - Operating System Not Found

    My goal:

    Install Arch Linux Artegos

    What I did:

    1. Boot into Hiren’t Boot CD and format hard drive with “Disk Eraser”. I chose the last method “internal: secure erase command writes zeros to the entire data area”

    2. created a GPT Partitioned hard drive with 5 partitions, all ext4:

      • sda1 - /boot/efi - 4GB
      • sda2 - /root - 8GB
      • sda3 - swap - 16GB
      • sda4 - /Home - 244GB
      • sda5 - System Restor - 26 GB
      • unallocated - 92.34 MB
    3. Rebooted with the Arch Minimal Install CD. Went with UEFI setup. Chose the partitions I wanted to install to. It downloaded and unpacked everything. Told me to restart. When I did, it went to "Operating SYstem Not Found.

    4. I went back to GParted and saw that nothing had been written o /sda1. So I copied everything from the /boot folder in /sda2 to /sda1. i also changed the format to FAT32 and added a boot flag just to be certain it would be picked up. Still nothing.

    When I check the drive, everything was written fine. So, Before I Do Anything, where should I go from here?

  • So I figured out what was happening. I had made a system recovery partition at the end of the hard drive, and it was gliching the install out, as it was trying to boot from both places. I erased the system restore partition, re installed and it worked fine.

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