• BIOS: Cannot Access It After Restart (urgent)!

    I used to be able to access the BIOS after restarting any PC-based OS I had installed on this laptop by pressing [DELETE], now I try that, but Antergos has completely taken over it seems, and it doesn’t let me in. There appears to be a brief flash of GRUB, and then Atergos’ boot screen shows up.

    So, how do I fix this issue…?!

  • Antergos is set to start the booting process within 5 secs. So, I really cannot understand your problem. The 5-second time is not enough and want more?
    If you start pressing (firmly or repeatedly) the DEL key on startup (before seeing the Antergos screen, that is) can t you enter your BIOS?
    I really can t see how this could be an OS related issue.

  • That doesn’t tell me anything. Because it happens before the system is booted into, so I doubt it’ll be in a log!

    I am about to pull my SSD out of this laptop, see if it works with the adapter kit I have, and blast Antergos off of it, because not being able to get into the BIOS is really starting to piss me off!

  • Help yourself to whatever you want to do. But please, stop being offensive to people sparing their time to try to help you. None of us is a proffessional, we re just users like you. It sometimes takes hours of searching on the Internet to find information. On the other hand, there are users who just post an issue they have, believing they address the Customer 7/24 Service. Without any search on their behalf.
    Your issue mate, has nothing to do with the OS. Not Antergos, not any other. You want it fixed, here we are. You want to blame others, go ahead.

  • I have searched before posting this issue here. It doesn’t happen with any other OS, just with Antergos, which means it’s clearly a problem with this distro because it didn’t happen with Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint.

    Here’s a video, you can hear when I start pressing [DELETE] to be able to enter the BIOS, and it doesn’t:


  • Since you ve done your research which proved that it doesn t happen with any other OSs but ONLY with Antergos, how many users you found reporting it?
    No kidding, I really want to see them.
    If you are being prevented from entering BIOS, I find it hard to believe the OS has anything to do with it as the BIOS is what initiates it, meaning BIOS comes first. How can it be prevented by something it hasn’t loaded yet?

    If it was me, I would disconnect the hard drives and start the computer to see what happens. This of course, AFTER I did what I told you in my previous post which you ignored. Start pressing the DEL key RRRRRIGHT from the beginning since it boots uo soooooo fast.
    The BIOS doesn’t depend on the OS, it’s the other way around. The BIOS WILL load without an OS and you should be able to access it,
    Your ssd is rrrrrrrreally fast, that s for sure. I don t know how I could help you. Somebody knowing about SSDs could be more helpful .

    My own brief search “Can a OS prevent from entering bios?” returned me results of quite a few Windows users blaming their OS, just like you. Did n bother to go on to the 2nd page for more and for possible Linux users. Wanna see the answers they got? Here you go
    And here s an individual sample

  • Watch the video, I am pressing it right from the beginning, you can hear me pressing it, but boom, up pops Antergos without even going to the BIOS.

  • This post is deleted!
  • No need to watch anything, I believe you. It is YOU that you have to read what I sent you. TOGETHER WITH THE SOURCES and find out what BIOS & OS are and how (and when) they interact with each other.
    I spent almost an hour searching and reading, you answered in just 10 minutes.
    Don t insist on imaginary issues that are technically crazy, try out some already suggested solutions.

  • Here’s another video, pressing [DELETE] as soon as the screen goes black:


    I’ve been using computers for nearly 40 years, I know what the BIOS & OS, as well as all that!

  • Can t go any further if you insist. OSs do start before Bios does to prevent it.
    I now need a way to find a way to get rid of my bios and keep only Antergos running🤐

  • Watch the videos, you’ll see what is happening!

  • Power off your PC completely. Detach any USB devices other than keyboard/mouse. Power back on PC, continuously pressing the DEL key (if this is in fact the correct key for entering BIOS) and see if you get access now.

  • @bmeister said in BIOS: Cannot Access It After Restart (urgent)!:

    Power off your PC completely. Detach any USB devices other than keyboard/mouse. Power back on PC, continuously pressing the DEL key (if this is in fact the correct key for entering BIOS) and see if you get access now.

    I tried your method, didn’t work.

    Yes, [DELETE] is the correct key for my laptop.

  • So I guess the next logical step ( which I think was mentioned by anarch ) is to disconnect your HDD or SDD and then boot again. If you still can’t get into the BIOS, did you validate that your DEL key is actually working? You can actually delete text as an example while booted into Antergos?

  • I watched your video and see that you have an ASUS laptop. Quick Google search brought me to the following:

    If you can’t enter the system, please try to press and hold the power button about 5~8 seconds until the Notebook is shut down. Press and hold the F2 button , then click the power button. DO NOT RELEASE the F2 button until the BIOS screen display.

    It would appear from the above that F2 is used to access the BIOS on an ASUS laptop not DEL. You can certainly search Google yourself as well and you should find the same thing I did.

  • I should have seen your videos earlier. I can see an Assus lap. Well, here it is how to access the bios, in written and in video. You are wrong, mate, and I feel very sorry to tto have seen two videos of yours blaming Antergos for a basic mistake you ve been insisting on…

    “Press and hold the F2 button , then click the power button. DO NOT RELEASE the F2 button until the BIOS screen display”.



  • Thanks, @bmeister , that s what I also found myself… Too eager to post and didn t realize you had already posted the solution.

  • No problem, two brains better than one 👍 +1:

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