• dual boot El Capitan & Antergos errors during boot

    Antergos is installed without errors in dual boot with El Capitan with ReFind.
    All clean install and latest versions.
    But strange behaviour again. :-/

    1 clean install El Capitan > working
    2 install ReFind > working
    3 clean install Antergos with live USB > no errors or problems during install

    But in the begin only El Capitan in Refind, no Antergos at all.
    Next day boot i see at least Tux, suddenly El Capitan and Antergos shown in Refind?!
    0_1461312266608_dual-boot-Antergos-El Capitan_ReFind.JPG
    But Antergos still doesn’t boot, see attachments for errors.
    Searched the Arch forums and wiki but no way for me to figure out how to fix this.
    0_1461312291337_dual-boot-Antergos-El Capitan_errors.JPG
    Please help, i am not in the mood to install again Manjaro, this whas working direct but to much things i don’t want and i want to get into the AUR and learn more about Arch, thru Antergos.

  • I have managed to install properly, also see my other posts.
    This problem has to do with an installation whitout errors but the /boot/efi is never installed like you expect. And this because a strange behaviour from the more then one internal harddisks.

    In Mac OS El Capitan first harddisk becomes sdb and second sda, why? and this sometimes makes a switch?! Antergos sees the harddisks in reversed order then Mac OS, so impossible to install the /boot/efi properly, it seams. But more on that later, in the wiki.

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