• Which File System So You Use?

    If you use another, please share here

    Cheers! I don't know what I'm talking about!

  • I am using f2fs on my data partitions that are on SDD drives, works very well.

  • Ext4, may try out zfs in the future.

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  • Tried zfs, but it used a little too much RAM for my older system.

  • Si quieres guardar muchos videos (ficheros grandes) es recomedable usar XFS como sistema de archivos en vez de ext4. Esto permitirá reinstalar el sistema operativo pero mantener todos tus archivos personales (y la configuración de tus programas) intactos.-

  • @Grey-Wind @anika200 can you tell me the differences between ext4 and f2fs or zfs?
    pros and cons

  • @han2007 , I am sure there is a blog somewhere that would give you better info than me about file systems. Basically f2fs is a fairly new FS developed by Samsung to take advantage of and preserve the longevity of SSD drives. I only use it on data partitions, although I have used it as the root file system on one system. I would not use it as the /boot partition as of yet.

  • @judd Puedes hacer lo mismo con ext4 instalando /home en otra partición.

  • ZFS was created by Sun Microsystems for Solaris. Oracle later bought-out Sun. Here’s their explanation of it:

    [http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19253-01/819-5461/zfsover-2/](link url)

  • @edconocerte said in Which File System So You Use?:

    @judd Puedes hacer lo mismo con ext4 instalando /home en otra partición.

    @edconocerte, mira aquí mi post con la gran ayuda de @karasu:

  • I’ve been using Btrfs on everything for two years. Being able to compress data with compress=lzo really helps a lot for performance and being Copy-on-Write means my SSDs lasts longer.

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