• gvfs-mount loop for user/ password


    since my last system-upgrade (pacman -Syu) I can not mount password-protected shares with gfvs-mount any more. I can brwose the windows shares, I can open the ones without password, but I can not open the ones with user/password.

    If I try this with nautilus or over terminal, I get a loop with continous asking the user/password.

    the shares do work with a windows client.

    Any tips, which update did cause this or some other ideas to get a solution?

    Thank you!

  • bump anyone?

  • helped myself. Always the best way! Thank you!

  • Thumps up you did. I guess nobody answered you because nobody knew.
    Please, could you share the solution you came up with? It could help other users with the same problem (community spirit). ☺

  • hey, sorry for the unfriendly reply. It was just a very frustrating period without my network share… ;)
    I found the solution by chance.

    I issued following command within the terminal:

    smbclient -L //server-address

    It gave me the response, that the client uses extented security, but my NAS does not (it is a Asus 56u router).

    Solution was written within arch-wiki (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/samba#Trouble_accessing_a_password-protected_share_from_Windows)

    I had to create and edit the smb.conf (within etc/samba/) and ad the following two lines:

    client lanman auth = yes
    client ntlmv2 auth = no

    Now it worked. I think this is strange, because beside the upgrade to gnome 3.20 I didn´t change anything.
    PLUS I do not have the samba-package installed.

    So I created the smb.conf only with these two lines.

  • No hard feelings. Thanks for posting the solution

  • LOL, I am just realizing you got a Nokia N-Gage holding to your ear! :D A long , long time ago I did own one, too. :D
    Nokia, inventors of side-talking. :)

  • Heheheh. No, it s a NEC i-mode device, back at the beginning of 2000😊

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