• 2 issues on a new Cinnamon instalation

    I have come to Antergos from Linux Mint via a short stay with Manjaro (kept crashing). I am using the Cinnamon desktop. All is going well except for these issues.

    1. There is a wite boarder on the right side of the screen how can I get rid of it. Nothing to do with the background setting. Just in case I have a ATI 7850 graphics card.

    2. After I have installed a package, when I come to shutdown I get this error, “SSH Key Alert - Not responding” what is happing and how to fix it.


  • i also have the thin white border on the right-hand side of my screen. It only appears if I use a numix theme for window controls.
    It disappears if I change themes or if I turn off Show Desktop icons in System Settings. I don’t want to do this, however, and I prefer the numix themes to any other ones.

  • The updated Numix-Frost theme solved this problem for me. No white border anymore.

  • Sorry about not getting back before but I changed the these and all is well now. Thanks for the help.


  • @Robert42 Hey Robert i also have the Cinnamon DE and i might have a related problem.
    It a shutdown problem with the “SSH Key Agent - Not responding” how did you fix the “SSH Key Alert - Not responding”? It might be related.

  • Hi Dani, doesn’t seem to be the same issue. I must admit I had some issues with Manjaro & Antergos probably hardware related. I finally installed Arch using the Arch Anywhere installer, best thing I did and so simple to do. No issues at all now.
    Good luck

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