• Some issues with KDE.

    Hello this is not my first time installing antergos kde. And every time it’s been frustrating after i turn it on.

    1. Konsole doesn’t render fonts as it should, words are cut in the middle of them.
      alt text
      You see how it’s all bolded and cut out.

    2. Spectacle export to online services doesn’t work. First time i hover over it it says “Please wait…” and then nothing.

    3. pamac-tray icon is very ugly, it’s low res image, can i somehow change it, or at least remove ti from tray?
      alt text

    I am also gonna post if i find something along the way.

    Thanks guys for great work.

  • I just installed with KDE and hit the same problem with the font in konsole.
    The default font is wrong/badly chosen. Look carefully - It seems the bold version of the font is slightly wider than the non-bold.
    No idea if it’s related to the issue - But I chose to install the extra fonts made available in the Cnchi menu.
    Switching to some other typical fixed width font fixes it.

    It’s a terrible experience for a new user. Open a konsole window and you wonder what piece of trash you have installed…

  • @seemsindie @peterg4000 For fonts rendering problem only, try to run in terminal:

    fc-cache -fv

    Then log out and log back in.

  • @just - Too late. Uninstalled. (But due to a bigger issue I have started a thread about). Needs to work out-of-the-box.

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