• System restart crashes after last update


    Hello: I need some support, cause after last update; I couldnt restart my Antergos distro. The image included, is the system fail log screen. Ive seen a message, in the update log; that tells me to update manually a package, some about repos. Perhaps It`s, the sad explanation…

    Thanks a lot

  • Run fsck /dev/sda3

    When it finishes, type exit

  • Thanks a lot. Ive readed "run fsck manually" and not the details. The system has fixed a lot of inodes data. I dont know what has happened.

    PD: how I mark as solved, the topic?

  • Hi,

    Well, there was some “corruption” in your filesystem. Did you turn your computer off without properly quiting? (pressing reset or power buttons, I mean). Or maybe there was a power failure? If you did nothing of the sort, maybe it could mean your harddisk is having some problems… so I’d backup everything asap.


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