• Automounting a storage drive?

    How do I set Antergos to automount my storage drive [sdb1] so that I don’t have to manually mount it everytime I log into the system?

  • This link should help:

    I do one thing differently however. When you get to the section describing how to enter the information into the fstab file, it tells you to use the /mnt directory ( /mnt/1tb ). I typically use the /run/media/yourhomedirectory ( /run/media/bmeister/1tb ). Reason for this is that Arch uses this as the default mount point for any drives you mount manually after you log into the desktop.

    Here is an example showing my second hard drive configured to auto-mount in my fstab file:

    UUID=e269f7ee-b846-4dd8-89d5-747253ac9204 /run/media/bmeister/Virtuals ext4 defaults,rw,relatime,data=ordered 0 0

  • I am not going to be able to follow that, I am a Windows users coming to Linux. Linux Mint had an option to automount sdb1, and it was graphical.

  • What Desktop are you using? If you are using Gnome use the Disks app to automount whatever you want.

  • i’ve added a /etc/fstab entry as bmeister has. I’m on gnome 3.20.
    The arch way

  • @anika200 said in Automounting a storage drive?:

    What Desktop are you using? If you are using Gnome use the Disks app to automount whatever you want.

    I am using Gnome 3.20.1. I have looked in the Disks app, and the option to automount is checked. But, I have to manually do it after starting my laptop when I click on the drive, I have to enter my password…that option in Disks is not selected.

  • If it was a USB drive – external hdd or flash – then I would, but this is a physical hdd in the laptop.

  • By now you could have already learned how to modify the /etc/fstab file and be beyond the problem. 👍
    Thank you for testing out the Disk app solution, I could not test it here because everything is already in fstab. I just assumed the Disks app would work but I guess not.

    There is a proper way to mount disks with systemd, here is a really easy to follow blog article. Here

  • The appropriate information was provided to mlauzon in order to successfully auto-mount his drive. Can we please mark this solved?

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