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    Gnome bluetooth problem

    I run Antergos (+ Gnome 3.20) on a Dell XPS 13 notebook. I purchased a Kensington Presenter Air Pro bluetooth presenter (slides changer, for presentations). I was able to pair it, but I am unable to connect to it. Screenshot:


    Notice the Connection button is grayed out. I am thus unable to connect and disconnect to the device. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.

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    @cribari Same problem with a Microsoft bluetooth mouse. See


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    1. Pairing via the CLI (bluetoothctl) does not help. The end result is the same. 2) Removing the device and pairing it again also does not help. 3) I paired another Microsoft mouse and everything went fine. It shows up as “Type: Mouse” and not as “Type: All types”.
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