• Issue with no "User Account" after instalation

    Okay so im on a Dell Inspirion 14-3000 : 8GB Ram and a 32GB SSD. I have been trying to get Antergos installed for like a solid weeer install. But everytime id reboot after install id have issues. Issues such as No clock showing on LOGIN SCREEN or no USER ACCOUNT would display . so after various attempts i did some research and tried updating my lightdm. Dunno why thats just something i read that sounded similar to my issue… Or; I would CTRL+ALT+F2 and try to manually add an account. NOW mind you when starting terminal i have to log into the account i created during setup… so it exist but dosnt display??? Once im in i was able to add an account with

     sudo useradd -M "name" 
     sudo passwd "name" 

    So I was able to get somthing to work enough to use the compy but its not my Root account so i guess less privlages ?? sure i can change that right ?? But bsicly i just wanted to know if this is a common issue or if anyone has had this issue??? Before i upgraded to the small SSD i had a 500GB HDD in her and Anterg would install fine ??? so please share your thoughts and opinions.

    Sorry for the bad grammar & TL;DR story LOL

    Also check this
    0_1460917653489_Screenshot from 2016-04-17 14-26-31.png

    Where is my Root account at ??? just the one i made xD

    Also no logs cause Filesystem is a mess cant seem to get an archive made and the log veiwer is saying unable to read system logs.

    ima newb so…

  • @Prickly-Goo

    Please, share your install log, it’s in /var/log/cnchi-<date>.log

    You can put it on some online service like pastebin and share the link here.


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