• Problem with update

    What can i do with that ?

    //erreur : la préparation de la transaction a échoué (la satisfaction des dépendances a échoué)
    :: gnome-shell-extension-activities-config : installer gnome-shell (3.20.1-1) casse la dépendance « gnome-shell<3.19 »
    :: gnome-shell-extension-weather-git : installer gnome-shell (3.20.1-1) casse la dépendance « gnome-shell<3.19 »


  • I don t understand why gnome-shell-3.19 is showing. Have you been using it as testing? Anyway, both extentions , activities-configurator & open-weather have been updated for 3.20. If you uninstalled the ones you have now and installed them from here?
    *Hasn t the git package of weatherbeen updated to 3.20?

  • I uninstall both before update. It works.

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