• Lightdm-Webkit2-Greeter: conf.pacnew File does not exist


    Since the last 2 Updates I see the Following Message in pacman:

    ==> NOTE: MANUAL ACTION REQUIRED! <==  ** The greeter's config file contains important changes. It has been saved as  ** /etc/lightdm/lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf.pacnew. You must either merge the  ** changes into /etc/lightdm/lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf  ** or replace the latter with the former.

    But I when I try to open the “/etc/lightdm/lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf.pacnew” File, it is empty. Well, to be more precise. It does not exist.

    This is how my current “/etc/lightdm/lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf” File looks:

    # [greeter]
    # webkit-theme = Webkit theme to use. (Default: antergos)
    # debug_mode = Greeter theme debug mode. (Default: false)
    # screensaver-timeout = Blank the screen after this many seconds of inactivity.
    webkit-theme = antergos
    debug_mode = false
    screensaver-timeout = 300
    # [branding]
    # logo = Path to logo image for use by greeter themes.
    # user_image = Default user image/avatar. This is used by greeter themes for users that have no .face image.
    # background_images = Path to directory that contains background images for use by greeter themes.
    logo = /usr/share/lightdm-webkit/themes/antergos/img/antergos.png
    user_image = /usr/share/lightdm-webkit/themes/antergos/img/antergos-logo-user.png
    background_images = /usr/share/antergos/wallpapers

    And this is the command (running through Yakuake):

    sudo kate /etc/lightdm/lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf.pacnew /etc/lightdm/lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf

    The first time I got that Message and the File did not exist, I simply ignored it. Just thought it could be an Package Issue. But now I got that Message again. So I thought I would better ask.

    I am still being a Linux “Noob”. But I am learning as I go. Can I ignore this? Is something else wrong?
    My Desktop is latest KDE 5 / Plasma 5.6.2-1.
    EDIT01: Sorry forgot to mention that I use SDDM and not LightDM.

    Thanks! :)

    P.S.: Very stable Distro! All the Bugs that are causing Kernel Panics under Manjaro (like my PCTV 340e Stick enabled during Boot-up Phase) are just slowing the whole System Down instead of crashing it. And: It was Phil (one of the Main Manjaro Devs) who pointed me to Antergos. At first, I did not want to try it because Gnome is just ugly IMHO ;) and there is no KDE5 Install Option in the official Installer upto today.

    But then I tried again and I dont regret it yet :) Great work! 👍
    Greetings from Germany

  • I can confirm this.

  • Hello everybody
    I wrote that error in my post entitled “Several errors after upgrade to gnome 3.20”.
    In the update for lightdm-webkit2-greeter 2.1.0-1 to the 2.1.1-1 version i had the same error, but in the yesterday update for that packet for version 2.1.1-1 to the 2.1.3-1 once again the same error and the packet “lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf.pacnew” does not exist in the referred path for merge with the “lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf” original.


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