• Antergos with Gnome on T460, some questions


    I have some questions:

    First: When I start my laptop and the GUI starts (in my case GNOME), instead of the ‘mouse’ I get a cross, the screen is black and the speakers crack. I have never experienced this before, is this normal?

    Second: How the hell do I get the middle button to scroll? I have googled, and googled and nothing worked. In the end I tried the GUI (gpoint-device-settings) and it is still not working.

    Third: When I close my laptop lid GNOME freezed, this it totaly frustrating. How do I fix it?

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!

  • Some of the issues you are mentioning were reported here
    As for 1, you get that black screen with X all the way? In the machine I use with lightdm it started with the upgrade to 3.20. But only while loading the greeter and then AFTER giving password and ENTER. I don t have this behavior with gdm on my main machine, though…

  • Everytime I log in (after I have entered the password) the screen is black for about 5-10 seconds. For about half of this time, my cursor is a “X”. Meanwhile my speakers crack (I think it was two times).

    Thank you for the link btw.

  • Yes, that s what I also experience, but without the cracking noise from the speakers. And that s only on the machine I have running lightdm, for testing reasons. The one I work with regularly, got divorced with all lightdm staff & settings for peace of mind. I use GDM, though ugly and a bit heavier and hard to customize (if not possible).

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