• Non-broken dark GTK3 theme?

    So a recent update seems to have broken most of the GTK3 themes I have installed. There’s a few working themes, but unfortunately all of them are bright/light. This means I can either use a light theme that makes GTK3 programs stick out on my plasma setup, or I can suck it up and use an utterly broken theme that sticks out less.

    I’ve been trying to find something for about an hour or two, but eventually found nothing I’d be okay with. So the question is: does anyone know of a theme for GTK3, that’s:

    • not broken
    • dark (and by ‘dark’ I mean about this dark)

    and preferably also:

    • flat
    • about as non-rounded as possible
  • Arc theme and Vertex. They pretty much work.

  • Yes, the mostly themes for GTK3 in Gnome 3.20 are broken. But Arc Dark and Arc Darker should be work, Arc White works fine.

  • Neat. Thanks for the answers. Vertex seems perfect for me.

    (For some reason — while Arc Dark is fine — Arc Darker seems to be the same as regular Arc, though).

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