• Leo Laporte talks about his favorite Linux distro, Antergos!

    This Week in Google 347
    Hot Tub Tech Machine

    He first starts talking about Linux at https://youtu.be/4ySViXDz2UU?t=1h30m27s so if you want the full part of the episode click this one.

    Note: Leo also became a patron on Patreon. :)

  • Damn Leo Laporte! I enjoyed watching his shows on TechTV when I had my breakfast :). First it was Call For Help then The Lab…

  • Wyn don’t forget The Screen Savers. :)

  • @MichaelTunnell said in Leo Laporte talks about his favorite Linux distro, Antergos!:

    The Screen Savers

    Was already over when the channel was made available up here :(.

  • @Wyn oh that’s sad dude because that was the best show on the network. I remember coming home from school and watching that show. It was awesome!

    That means most of what you saw was after G4 basically ruined the network and that’s not cool.

  • @MichaelTunnell

    I did get to watch a lot of Judgement Day (+ Electric Playground) and lots and lots of X-Play. E3 coverage was awesome too.

    I saw some of the goodies at least :).

  • @MichaelTunnell oh man! the “call for help!” days. i loved that show :)

  • that would be awesome if Leo got on the message board.

    say hello Leo ;)

  • I was fortunate enough to meet Leo and Patrick Norton on a promo event that they did for Service Electric in Sunbury PA many years ago. Patrick gave me a book on getting started with Linux.

  • He has a whole web based TV station now (Twit.tv)

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