• Partitioning hard drive with gparted

    Hello, I have recently been informed that I am running out of space on my linux partition. My goal is to try to extend my my ext4 partition into the 20 Gb unallocated space. Is there any easy way to do this? I tried making the unallocated space into a new partition but I am already at 4. My partitions are in the picture below:

    0_1460422124285_Screenshot from 2016-04-11 19-40-19.png

    Thank you in advance!

  • Frist off, move your Antergos partition to become the first one in your partition table. Then, resize it to occupy the 20GB unallocated space you have. It is important to always resize to the right ,as resizing to the left could be dangerous as to how successful the start of the new, resized partition will be…
    ***As always, a backup is recommended should you run into any problems…

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