• Cant install xen hypervisor, build fails

    Hello guys. Its my first post and iam not quite sure whether this belongs in this category and not to newbie corner.
    But i try to explain my problem as accurate as i can.
    I have been trying to install xen hypervisor in order to use Pci passthrough, but I have some problems installing it.
    I first tried to install it via AUR ( “xen”) although its marked as outdated, which didnt work. Building always fails.
    It gives me this error (avoiding to make this post unnecessary long, i post everything the terminal is putting out to pastebin) : http://pastebin.com/327J22ay

    I had no luck in downloading the latest package from the xen-project Website and installing it manually either.
    I checked every dependency described in the Readme file, but it still complains about some missing python-development libraries. There aren’t any python-dev packages in the arch distros though. I’m relatively new to arch, but I remember reading that the dev-packages are installed along with the actual packages in arch. However, i am given this this error: http://pastebin.com/VWGHtA3Q

    obviously i cant do the make and make install commands then.
    I even tried what https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=210846 suggested, it didnt work either.
    It does stuff for a while and still gives me an error . The terminal output ist extremely long, but told me to look into config.log :

    Of course my packages are all updated, even after the lightdm issue. Using the latest Antergos release. (freshly installed it 2 days ago)

    I would greatly appreciate some ideas for convincing xen to build/install. Thanks : )

  • @Sarimon
    hi i just tried to install and got the same errors. I know the topic is old, but did you manage to fix it?

  • Hi,

    checking for python... /usr/sbin/python
    checking for python version >= 2.3 ... yes

    I think it’s a python2 vs python3 version problem. That build thinks that /usr/bin/python is version 2 python binary, which is not. It should use /usr/sbin/python2

  • well, all the packages from AUR failed, but it’s ok, xen is a strange world for begginers. I’ll keep on testing on virtualbox and gnome boxes.

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