• antergos/gtk-theme-arc not working with gnome 3.20

    gtk-theme-arc from antergos repository is not working with gnome 3.20, even tho Arc theme should work with 3.20, and it is indeed working if installed from aur package.
    I think package needs to be recompiled to add support for 3.20

  • I had the same problem. Remove the installed theme and install gtk-theme-arc-git from the AUR. That one is updated to work with gnome 3.20

  • @Paul-Mac Yes, I’m aware of that, as I pointed it out already. I just wanted to mention it here on forums so Antergos team can fix it in official repositories.
    You don’t even need -git variant, you can install standard gtk-theme-arc from aur, it just needs to be recompiled for theme to recognize you are using gnome 3.20

  • Sorry didn’t notice you said that, got a head of myself. Do you know of any other working themes?

  • @Paul-Mac No, sorry, I only use that one, loving it so much that I don’t experiment with others.

  • @Paul-Mac Vertex works fine as well. Vertex and Arc are the only themes I have that work at this time.

  • @bmeister OK thanks. I found flat-plat works too. I’ll give vertex a shot and see how it looks, not really liking the Arc theme. I like a theme where the gnome panel and title bars for windows match, like in Numix-SX. I find it more consistent looking. Thanks again.

  • Interesting, my gnome panel and and title bars match with Arc. You did select Arc shell theme correct?

  • @bmeister Yeah, I did. There is a bit of transparency I didn’t like. I’m too picky I guess. Besides, I couldnt handle the gnome desktop, as I have been using Mate since it came out i think. Mate and mutter is a nice combination.

  • Solved with update. Thanks Antergos team!

  • @Paul-Mac Thanks, this solved my problem!!!

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