• Impossible update for dependencies issues with lightdm-webkit2-greeter

    @stefanoume12 I was not perfectly honest with you. i tried linux 5-6 years ago but i hated it (community and unstability on my computers) so i stopped until today ^^! i am a noob so its pretty the same thing ^^!

    But in Antergos i think i understand many things so i want to continue to read the big Arch Wiki. i just don’t find the solution for this 3 unresolvable dependencies which are boring lot of people and don’t find any beginning of solution at this time… Some people told me i have to wait that developers solve it… maybe i have got the time ^^! Some others give the advice to delete some programs and reinstall… i’m not sure it’s a clean behavior.

    Arch Linux rocks, i’m sure, and AntergOS is beautiful and easy to begin in good conditions ^^!


  • Confirmed fixed. Need to wait a few hours for mirrors to sync.

  • COOL thank you AntergOS

  • @juju-Bailey said in Impossible update for dependencies issues with lightdm-webkit2-greeter:

    AntergOS tell us that is a stable system, perfect for noobs but 10 minutes after the first boot (in USB live) i have this message lol ^^! Am I unlucky or is it same often ?

    Well, I had problems with the installation of fedora and ubuntu (every time I got the message “error occured”).
    The installation of antergos was without problems. So, sometimes you don’t have luck with a special hardware-OS-combination.

  • Just for learning purposes, is this something users can fix on our side? Are there any other steps one can do except for waiting for the fix to be available?

  • Had the same problem on two of my machines (One Gnome, one XFCE)
    Here’s what I did:

    *NOTE - I chose to remove LightDM because I’m tired of it crashing my system.
    I believe you can also choose gdm, kdm lxdm, but sddm worked for me.

    sudo pacman -S sddm
    sudo systemctl disable lightdm
    sudo systemctl enable sddm


    Now, when you go to update you’ll get hit with the following errors:

    Failed to prepare transaction

    could not satisfy dependencies:
    light-locker-settings: requires python-gobject<3.20
    lightdm-webkit2-greeter: requires webkit2gtk<2.12
    lightdm-webkit2-greeter: requires gtk3<3.20

    Next, sudo pacman -R light-locker-settings
    sudo pacman -R ightdm-webkit2-greeter

    Now, run your update and it will be fine.

  • On the closed ticket it was thought the mirrors would sync in 1 to 2 hours. 6 hours later and still not synced or I have a problem with my mirrorlist. Anybody manage to update yet (not talking temp fixes)?

  • @Eamonn-Doyle still waiting for it…

  • Still not working! Any ETA on this issue??

  • @filipovik same here, still waiting for the update

  • So we use a bleeding edge distro, because we all are impatient, right? 😃

    Sadly the gtk3 upgrade breaks many themes, so I would consider to wait a while.

  • Thanks all for the confirmation that the sync just hasn’t happened yet and there’s no issue with my system, well that is until I update and all my extensions break :-)

  • fyi just upgraded, switched back to lightdm, everything works fine for me, seems to be fixed.

    Thanks a lot for fixing!

  • Have you installed lightdm-webkit2-greeter 2.1.0-1? I still don’t see this package in repository (only on aur website)

  • @voepew When I try to update now I am no longer seeing any dependency issues. I’m only half way through the update so don’t know yet if all will be well however the very fact that I can now update is a positive sign.

    EDIT: Upgraded and logged in. Not apparent problems. All extensions appear to be working.

  • @juju-Bailey Ahh sorry to sound like a jerk then. I had already solved my issue with this hours ago by removing the lightdm-webkit2-greeter package and replacing it with some generic lightdm login screen. I do agree with you though, Antergos is a beautiful distribution that I intend to stick with a long time (I’ve already got it loaded on two of my computers.

  • Thank you, jaws222. Your solution was perfect! (just insert l in sudo pacman -R ightdm-webkit2-greeter: sudo pacman -R lightdm-webkit2-greeter

    Most appreciated.
    Using Openbox

  • I made a bad move by removing the stubborn pkgs without replacing them properly and broke my X window, so be careful if you’re doing it like that! If you haven’t tried updating, do so now: looks like the package lighdm was reuploaded by the devs. I’ll check once my install is good to do.

  • Fresh install and Lightdm is working fine again, now Cinnamon is broken and slow - system still unusable…

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