• My touchscreen is broken and I'm trying to install Antergos.

    When installing Antergos, my touchscreen is clicking everywhere for me. I can’t get past anything in the install process. The install becomes so laggy that I can’t even manage to move the mouse an inch.

    The funny thing is that when installing Ubuntu the mouse will move a little bit but not too much, so I can continue the install.

    I can usually stop the touchscreen from clicking anything by typing

    xinput disable 12  

    but I can’t move the mouse to Terminal.


    doesn’t do anything in the shell.
    I’m not giving up lol, I donated.

    I was thinking of somehow putting something in the USB stick i install Antergos w/ to execute the command on startup.

    So any ideas?

  • ~~Let me preface this with saying I have no idea what im doing.

    But, boot up antergos on your usb

    naviate to


    create a file named xint.sh

    in that file paste

    xinput disable 12 

    and save

    then reboot~~

  • Never mind. I thought you had already installed it.

    Hmmm the only suggestion I got is to take out the harddrive and install antergos on to it using another computer/screen

  • Which iso are you using?

  • @Fedorai-Zomakaja kk ill try that xint.sh method

  • @Fedorai-Zomakaja oh wait yeah it wasnt installed…

    im using the full iso

  • try CTRL + ALT + F1 then run xinput disable 12

  • @Fedorai-Zomakaja here’s a video to show you what happens… Also Ctrl Alt f1 isn’t interactive
    The password is antergoslife

  • Did hitting CTRL + ALT + F1 while in your ISO and running the command @Fedorai-Zomakaja mentioned work? That poor screen :(

  • @linuxhelmet I tried to but the command line wasn’t interactive

  • try ALT + F2

  • @Fedorai-Zomakaja it gets me to ant-16 login. I type in root and it lets me type commands. I type


    And get

    Unable to connect to X server


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