• IRC has branched out to Telegram!

    I assume everyone already knows what IRC is as the wiki talks about it, but Telegram is new branching out.

    Telegram is WhatsApp-like instant messenger except that it doesn’t require phone number to be shown to every group member (and actually shows it to no one unless people have it in their contacts already.

    How to get in? Install any of the Telegram apps or use web.telegram.org. You only need phone number for logging in with any client and the first login creates your account.

    Then just search for @Antergos or click telegram.me/Antergos.

    How does it differ from IRC? Mainly you also see messages that were sent when you were offline or even before you joined the supergroup.

    Telegram is branching out from IRC, bećause there is a bot (Teleuforia) which sends all messages from IRC to Telegram and vice versa.

    Update: Joining doesn’t mean that your phone will beep of every new message, in Telegram Web / Telegram Desktop you can click the group name and turn off notifications, with Android (and most likely iOS & others) you can press three dots menu and choose mute and select disable and you will only get notified when people reply to your message or you are @-mentioned.

    Update on 2016-04-27: We have renamed from @AntergosLinux to @Antergos as tbe username got free. The former is now channel that informs of the move and tells users visiting it to spam the person giving them old link.

    If Telegram has cached the old owner of that username, try this invite link instead.

  • @Mikaela said:


    link is not working, it says that user not found

  • @han2007 https://telegram.me/AntergosLinux works here. Is it possible your web browser adds . to the end in the original line or you are using so old Telegram client that it doesn’t support supergroups?

  • Shameless self-advertising: We have often been asked why Telegram and while this answers only from my point-of-view, I think it can also be used for answering why Antergos is also at Telegram (in addition to ops having voted it).

  • This post is deleted!
  • Cynism mode on:
    Linking unblockable/ unbanneable users from telegram to irc is a fantastic idea, you can’t put trolls on the ignore list, not even the channel Op can kick/ban them.
    Cynism mode off.

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