• Keyboard (keys) not working

    I am typing this from my Manjaro, had I attempted to compose this from my Antergos, each time I pressed a key on my keyboard all I would get is a blink and naught else, I was using a wireless keyboard, the batteries to which had been replaced a few days before. Nevertheless, I checked them, I went to manjaro to see if I had the same issue and obviously I did not. Gong back to Antergost, I tried a wired keyboard, but with the same blink, whenever a key was pressed
    Does anyone have any ideas? I opened the keyboard thingie, and it looked good.
    I can’t use the terminal. I am open to any ideas,
    One option is to shut down my PC, then restart it into Antergos, oh the keys functioned as they should logging into Antergos, go figure?

    The shutdown and restart did not work, and another little tidbit, I can not install any updates that involve my typing the password.

    I should clarify a small point. None of the keys on my keyboard are working as they should. I press any key and the only thing that happens is my monitor screen flashes briefly or ‘blinks’ as I call it.

    I may have to do a complete reinstall unless anyone has some ideas?

    On April 7, I did a fresh installation of Antergos and can now say that the keys, all the keys, are now functioning as they should.


  • @humboldt Probably drivers conflict. Good choice!

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