• Minimal ISO is out of order?

    I tried to install via the minimal iso but there is a lot of nonsense in it.
    Why is there a minimal desktop with a buggy, incomplete Cnichi which leads to a blank page instead of the partition tool?
    I expected a simple CLI-installer but why is there now a strange GUI? Where did I go wrong?


  • Same here.
    I’ve used like 4 or 4 distros, Debian or Arch based, and never faced the issues minimal iso has. I want to mention i’ve checked the iso before putting it in the usb drive.

    1. First boot: Cnchi warns me about the lack of internet connection. I go to WiFi tray, check my SSID, then click. Icon starts blinking and… nothing happens. Then I try to disconnect and connect it by creating a new connection. And, to my surprise, it only supports WEP! Really?!?

    2. Second boot (just to check it again): Same steps, but now Cnchi goes black and it just keeps telling me it crashed and if I want to close it, which will never happen, regardless of my choice.

    If you want new users, this is NOT the way. Definately.

  • Antergos seems not to care about their minimal iso. No response here, no new iso version. So I switched to pure Arch Linux via Architect, installed minimal Gnome shell with only the packages I really need and added the Antergos repo just to get the Numix icons and Frost theme. Best Linux system ever! :-)

  • @Wehomir

    Minimal and live get updated at the same time. If you were still attempting I would have suggested for you to say which cnchi version it was on the header (Before this step). With the latest Gtk updates the auto-updater would’ve caught this as the installer has been heavily worked on in the past week (And also too use nomodeset in the grub command).

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