• [POLL] Which Video Player Do You Use Most Often?

    mpv for me too, never lets me down.

  • Parole !!!

  • SMPlayer is the best, uses MPV as dependency :)

  • I’ve been used to VLC (on Peppermint 7), but Totem seems to be working fine on my newly installed Antergos. I’ll have to check mpv out.

  • I use SMplayer.

  • I used Totem a long time, then SMPlayer several years until I found MPV which is much faster.

  • Smplayer always, it uses mpv as backend. VLC as a backup but I wouldn’t use it as main player as it’s not that good with HD files

  • I used to to love VLC, since that was my favorite player on Windows 12-15 years ago.
    But in the last 2-3 years I noticed it became too slow and often freezing despite having a powerful desktop.
    So I switched to MPV and never looked back since it never showed those issues.

  • this is from last year …


  • also ban @lots-0-logs for leaving Smplayer off the list :D

  • @megaman Do not trust statistics that you have not manipulated yourself. 📈

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