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    Just installed on zfs root system with the new antergos installer… great work… I’ve been using archlinux, with zfs on root for last 2 years, very happy that zfs is here.

    Just thought I’d share my zroot layout as I usually snapshot before any upgrade…

    zroot                         15.7G  91.8G    19K  none
    zroot/ROOT                    15.7G  91.8G    19K  legacy
    zroot/ROOT/default            15.7G  91.8G  8.00G  /
    zroot/ROOT/default/boot         19K  91.8G    19K  /boot
    zroot/ROOT/default/root       2.42G  91.8G  2.42G  /root
    zroot/ROOT/default/var        3.87G  91.8G  1.78G  legacy
    zroot/ROOT/default/var/cache  1.06G  91.8G  1.06G  legacy
    zroot/ROOT/default/var/log     941M  91.8G   874M  legacy
  • What is the good in zfs in general or let’s say ext4 vs zfs or even btrfs

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