• Pamac-tray not working

    I don’t know when, but pamac-tray doesn’t work in my task bar (plasma 5): no responses when clic or right clic.
    Any idea?

  • @ppsalama Same problem here

  • Is not a solution, but I use Octopi with plasma (because it’s qt5).
    You can try it (it’s not as fancy as pamac, but works and I have a tray icon).

  • pamac is built with gtk+ libraries or in combination gtk+ with python - I’m not sure. This is root cause.

    Anyway gtk+ (even version 3) doesn’t support new communication protocol used by Plasma 5 task manager. So a lot of gtk icons placed in plasma 5 task no response on click/double click/right click. The same situation is in Mageia Cauldron (they have application based on gtk+ and python). I think Plasma 5 developers don’t want go back to support obsolete protocol and gtk+ developer are too lazy to implement new protocol, so issue is still persist in many distributions using Plasma 5.

    BTW. Similar problem is with saving session, because here also gtk+ doesn’t support new communication protocol only some obsolete. Fortunately here obsolete protocol have been restored. Maybe will be present in new KFrameforks.

    KaOS uses only Octopi, which works fine.

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