• Mouse don't work on MATE desktop

    I made a fresh Antergos installation with MATE as DE but only my Desktop don’t recognize any mouse clicks the panel and the menu clicks work fine. In other DE like xfce all work fine. Anyone know a solution?

    Laptop: Thinkpad e325
    Antergos: latest Image

  • You can’t right click the desktop in MATE.
    Do you have shortcuts on the desktop that are not working?

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  • Yes I have shortcuts but leftclick also don’t work I tried other distros with MATE and they are all fine with MATE except Antergos.

  • Perhaps dconf-editor may help. I used it a long time ago to remove desktop shortcuts. Maybe there is an option in there that may help. Other then that, I can’t figure out what the issue could be. I would defer to your favorite search engine. I moved to an other DE about 6 weeks ago and don’t have MATE installed any longer.

    "All men are equal when their memory fades." - Lemmy

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