• Conflict when updating: antergos-kde-setup requires oxygen...

    Hi, firstly sorry for my english.
    Today the update manager gave me this:
    antergos-kde-setup requires oxygen-cursors
    (and I could not update)
    the result of “sudo pacman -Syu” is

    :: ¿Remplazar oxygen-cursors con extra/oxygen?  [S/n] s
    resolviendo dependencias…
    buscando conflictos entre paquetes…
    error: no se pudo preparar la operación (no se pudieron satisfacer las dependencias)
    :: antergos-kde-setup: quitando «oxygen-cursors» se rompe la dependencia con «oxygen-cursors»

    That means a conflict between new /extra/oxygen and oxygen-cursors

    What can I do?

  • @ppsalama I have the same problem: should we answer “Yes” to the question from updater?
    Too bad I can’t upgrade to Plasma 5.6 :(

  • @ppsalama It’s the nice and interesting problem. Thanks for the question.

    The native Arch Kde, with added Antergos repo, upgrades Plasma without a problem. There’s no conflict between oxygen and oxygen-cursors packages. The former is installed. The latter seems to be removed from Arch.

    The conflict arises only in Antergos. Exactly as it is described in the OP. There should be a hard-coded dependency in the antergos-kde-setup package. Yes, there is.

    Very interesting! Nice to meet you. Thanks again.

  • @fabio if you answer Yes to “replace oxygen-cursors with extra/oxygen” then you get the conflict. I don’t know if we must answer “No”. I don’t want to break my system. I prefer to wait an expert answer.

  • @just thanks for your answer.
    Do you mean we must wait for a fix? or…
    Thanks again.

  • @ppsalama said:

    Do you mean we must wait for a fix? or…

    Yes, it’s exactly what I’m trying to say. Wait a bit. Do not upgrade. Do not break your systems with inappropriate answers.

    It is not a big problem. Hopefully, @lots.0.logs, @karasu, @Wyn will solve it quickly.

  • Could be that repos are not perfectly synchronized?
    But you’re right, we better wait for the help of an expert.

  • @just Oh yeah… thanks… waiting the fix.

  • @fabio said:

    Could be that repos are not perfectly synchronized?

    No, repos’ sync is not a problem.

    The problem is that antergos-kde-setup installs oxygen-cursors package. Which is not used by plain Arch anymore.


    antergos-kde-setup is the fundamental package. Cnchi uses it to install the whole Antergos Kde. Only Antergos devs or very experienced users are able to correct it. Let’s wait.

  • Ok, so we wait for tomorrow

  • @ppsalama @fabio Antergos Kde upgrades without a problem now. 172 packages are upgraded without any conflict. The issue is fixed here.

    Beside conky-lua, but that’s another story.

  • Updated flawlessly. Thank you ;)
    Just, new plasma is nothing much.
    Have a nice day

  • Upgraded with no problems…
    Thanks so much to Antergos Team.

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