• Conky-lua upgrade

    The conky-lua package, if it is installed from AUR, currently doesn’t upgrade smoothly from the old 1.9.0-2 to the new 1.10.1-3:

    $ yaourt -Syyua
    ==> Software upgrade (new version) :
    aur/conky-lua 1.9.0-2  -> 1.10.1-3
    and finally
    -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
    See also "/tmp/yaourt-tmp-just/aur-conky-lua/src/conky-1.10.1/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".
    See also "/tmp/yaourt-tmp-just/aur-conky-lua/src/conky-1.10.1/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log".
    ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
    ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build conky-lua.
    ==> Restart building conky-lua ? [y/N]
    ==> ----------------------------------
    ==> No, thanks

    Nothing serious, the old conky-lua 1.9.0-2 works nicely in Antergos (Kde):

    alt text

    Conky-lua upgrade fails only in Arch-based systems where the git package is not installed. If git is present conky-lua upgrades smoothly.

    If git is installed, pacman returns its name, version and build numbers:

    $ pacman -Q git
    git 2.7.4-1

    If git is not installed, pacman returns the error:

    $ pacman -Q git
    error: package 'git' was not found

    Git may be added at any moment with:

    $ sudo pacman -Syyu extra/git


    • with git installed conky-lua upgrade succeeds
    • without git it fails

    The issue is known:


    AUR usually solves them quickly.

    Again, there’s nothing to worry about. The post may be safely ignored.


  • The situation changes. @moonarch, conky-lua package maintainer, says he’s not on Arch anymore so can’t generate a new .SRCINFO for the package. In simple words it means that the package won’t build anymore from AUR. Even simpler, installation impossible.

    Most probably it affects Nvidia owners only.

    conky-lua package behaves differently in various Arch with addedd Antergos repo DEs:

    • Mate: continues to work and upgrades nicely
    • Cinnamon: continues to work but refuses to upgrade
    • Gnome 3: upgraded and stopped working after it, conky doesn’t show up, segfault on startup
    • Kde: upgraded and stopped working after it, conky doesn’t show up, segfault on startup

    Solution: install conky-lua-nv instead of conky-lua. Two packages are fortunately in conflict, so conky-lua-nv will ask if you want to remove conky-lua. Reply explicitely with y. Be aware, the default answer is N. Reply with y.

    In Cinnamon yaourt was not able to remove conky-lua contextually with conky-lua-nv installation. Uninstall conky-lua first:

    yaourt -Rc conky-lua

    Then install conky-lua-nv:

    yaourt -S conky-lua-nv

    -nv in the package name means nvidia support, not nouveau. There are no nouveau drivers here, nowhere. conky-lua-nv works flawlessly in all DEs now. It has solved the problem with missing or unupgradeable conky.

    Seems like git package is still needed. Didn’t check it.

    Good luck

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