• GNOME 3.20 Officially Released

    "Introducing GNOME 3.20: Delhi

    GNOME 3.20 is the latest version of GNOME 3, and is the result of 6 months’ hard work by the GNOME community. It contains major new features, as well as many smaller improvements and bug fixes. In total, the release incorporates 28933 changes, made by approximately 837 contributors.

    3.20 has been named “Delhi” in recognition of this year’s GNOME.Asia organizing team. GNOME.Asia is GNOME’s long-running annual conference in Asia, and is only possible due to the hard work of local volunteers".


  • Good news. As I can see they still didn’t fix dotted line on the bottom of GTK windows.
    So maybe they finally fixed screensaver with lightdm? 🚶

  • Nice, I’ve been running i3 or dwm the past few years and just switched to Gnome when I installed Antergos a month or two ago. I’ve been really enjoying it, ended up buying a second 4GB stick of ram to give it some room to breath.

  • When I be able to install it 3.20

  • 3.20 should be in testing repo if you wanna play it risky😰 . It will take about a month before it reaches us as astable upgrade.😄

  • I don’t know if it will take that long, considering that OpenSUSE Tumbleweed claims that it will make it available really soon!

  • Well, as long as I have noticed.the Arch practice is to wait for a *.1 release before pulling it into stable (due to a lot of bug fixing that happens in between)
    So in the case of Gnome, it should be 3.20.1

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