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    Hey out there!

    I switched from Ubuntu to Arch because of my new ThinkPad T460 and lacking skylake support in Ubuntu. I decided to go for Antergos, so far I think it’s way better than Ubuntu and I would love to keep it, but I’m having quite some problems that made me spent days looking for solutions, so this is quite my last chance for help. There are 4 important things that drive me crazy:

    1. Whenever I close the lid the screen freezes and I have to cut the power to start again. I tried to play a little with systemd/logind.conf but so far it didn’t work

    2. evertime I log into antergos there is a cracking sound on my speakers, no matter if I have them turned on or off

    3. ultra dock: allegedly this dock should support one screen out of the box. I tried playing with different cables and connectors (DP, HDMI, VGA), but the only way I get it working is by connecting the HDMI cable straight to the notebook

    4. ultra dock: when i plug my headphones into the dock there is no output at all, so i have to plug them into the notebook as well

    both topics regarding the docking station are an arch problem, since everything works fine in ubuntu, so no hardware failure. Needless to say that a docking station is useless as long as you have to connect cables manually every time you dock the notebook.

    well guys I’m a little frustrated, I hope some of you can help me out with at least some topics so I can find a compromise and don’t have to switch back to ubuntu.

    take care

  • Unfortunately Skylake is fairly new and thus many bugs are still being worked through on the Linux end. As for the popping noise on the Lenovo it seems like you have a sound issue (sounds like feedback in the speakers). I had the same/similar issue and just went tinkering around in pulse audio until I fixed it. I don’t remember what I did exactly but here is my current setup:
    Playback is set to 0.

    Output devices:
    Port: HDMI/Displayport (unplugged)
    Port: Speakers

    Input Devices:
    Port: Internal Microphone

    Built-in Audio
    Profile: Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output (unplugged)
    Built-in Audio
    Profile: Analog Stereo Duplex

    As for the dock I don’t have one personally so I cannot test it however this may be of help:

    The screen freezing is not an issue I’ve ran into either (mainly because I never suspend or sleep lol) but it seems to be a common issue for the Thinkpads. Maybe try searching through Antergos or Arch forums for further answers? I notice there is a trend in the 440s and 450s having this problem but the issue seems to vary just enough I haven’t found a concrete answer for it. Hope this helps!

  • Hi Dominik,

    I also have the new T460p + Ultra Dock, and I’m experiencing exactly the same issues. Good to know, that I’m not alone… ;-)

    I also have another issue: I can’t get audio to my monitor through HDMI. Do you have the same problem?

    However, I upgraded to Linux Mainline Kernel, and this solved the issue 1.) with freezes on closing lid for me.

    Issue 2.-4. are still present, but I guess if a fix is released, it will first be available in Linux Mainline. I also didn’t notice any drawbacks with Linux Mainline and can recommand it. But keep your original kernel as fallback!


  • Ah, one more thing:

    There is a Firmware-Update for Ultra Dock available. It should fix “Screen flickering”, but nothing is mentioned about the other problems. Anyway, I would be interested, if this firmware might help.

    Sadly, I don’t know how to install the firmware-exe without MS Windows, so I can’t test it myself.

    Here is the link:

  • Thank you so much for your help, I don’t have a Windows machine as well, so I hope the issue can be solved somehow else, since it’s supposed to work out of the box under Ubuntu, but well, skylake might be the problem for all that. I downloaded the mainline kernel, can you tell me how to boot with it? The grub gui doesn’t show it but it’s in the boot folder and I couldn’t find a proper entry in grub. Conf.

  • Just generate grub config
    grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
    and reboot.

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