• Touchpad scrolling inverted


    It is not that big of a deal, but it is frustrating at some points.

    Since I installed it (also when I tried it live), when I scroll vertically with my touchpad at the right edge, it does it inversely. (Up is down and down is up)

    I tried xinput set button map, and inverted 4 and 5… but that does not work in all windows and well, I should set it as a bash startup bash, too much work for semi functionality. I can’t find any “natural scroll” settings either.

    Can you guide me on how to fix it?

    P.S. I’m in Gnome. I don’t know if I have to edit some Xorg files, which I don’t feel that prepared to do it blindly.

  • @UlisesFrank said:

    P.S. I’m in Gnome…

    Open Gnome Control Center (aka System Settings), click the Mouse & Touchpad applet and disable (remove the check mark) from the Natural scrollling field:


    If you can’t find Gnome Control Center in menu, it can be launched from terminal:

  • @just Thanks.

    I should have said that I tried all the “normal” things xD … I don’t have options there (which I don’t know why), I install after viewing that a libsynaptics package, but did nothing.

    0_1458622952194_Screenshot from 2016-03-21 22-01-11.png

  • @UlisesFrank Hmm. Looks like the touchpad is not recognized, as a hardware. Some computers have a functional keys combinations that disable and enable touchpad. For example, on Dell XPS 17 it is the Fn+F3 combination.

    Make sure that the touchpad is not disabled.

  • I’m not a Gnome 3 user, and probably may say a wrong thing, but the libsynaptics package is not installed in a normal, default Antergos Gnome system:

    $ pacman -Q libsynaptics
    error: package 'libsynaptics' was not found
    $ pacman -Sii libsynaptics
    Repository      : community
    Name            : libsynaptics
    Version         : 0.14.6c-7
    Description     : Library for accessing synaptics touchpads
    Architecture    : x86_64
    URL             : http://qsynaptics.sourceforge.net
    Licenses        : GPL
    Groups          : None
    Provides        : None
    Depends On      : gcc-libs
    Optional Deps   : None
    Required By     : None
    Optional For    : None
    Conflicts With  : None
    Replaces        : None
    Download Size   : 31.46 KiB
    Installed Size  : 123.00 KiB
    Packager        : Bartłomiej Piotrowski <[email protected]>
    Build Date      : Sat 05 Dec 2015 18:40:30 MSK
    MD5 Sum         : 8735c01185c671c7019e56fe07df962b
    SHA-256 Sum     : 388eeae2301c6c4bbec340d9065de3f0dc518fd09e18e8319265cd9d6d73f6c1
    Signatures      : BBE43771487328A9

    Touchpads have no problem to work on three different computers here, without libsynaptics installed.

  • Yep, I don’t know why I installed it if my touchpad does work, but the scrolling is just inverted.

    And I don’t use GNOME either, this is my first distro with that DE, I’m usually more of a XFCE or MATE guy, but oh well.

    Also, I don’t know how to “enable” my touchpad, if I’m using it, it is enabled, isn’t it?

    This is my synclient. I don’t know if it serves you a purpose. I saw the TouchpadOff=2, and that means it is disabled for scrolling and tapping (I don’t know what else is there xD my laptop is kind of old). I don’t know where the file is for the synclient.

    Parameter settings:
        LeftEdge                = 1767
        RightEdge               = 5401
        TopEdge                 = 1675
        BottomEdge              = 4965
        FingerLow               = 25
        FingerHigh              = 30
        MaxTapTime              = 180
        MaxTapMove              = 250
        MaxDoubleTapTime        = 100
        SingleTapTimeout        = 180
        ClickTime               = 100
        EmulateMidButtonTime    = 75
        EmulateTwoFingerMinZ    = 282
        EmulateTwoFingerMinW    = 7
        VertScrollDelta         = -133
        HorizScrollDelta        = -113
        VertEdgeScroll          = 1
        HorizEdgeScroll         = 1
        CornerCoasting          = 0
        VertTwoFingerScroll     = 0
        HorizTwoFingerScroll    = 0
        MinSpeed                = 1
        MaxSpeed                = 1.75
        AccelFactor             = 0.0351062
        TouchpadOff             = 2
        LockedDrags             = 0
        LockedDragTimeout       = 5000
        RTCornerButton          = 0
        RBCornerButton          = 0
        LTCornerButton          = 0
        LBCornerButton          = 0
        TapButton1              = 1
        TapButton2              = 3
        TapButton3              = 2
        ClickFinger1            = 1
        ClickFinger2            = 1
        ClickFinger3            = 1
        CircularScrolling       = 0
        CircScrollDelta         = 0.1
        CircScrollTrigger       = 0
        CircularPad             = 0
        PalmDetect              = 0
        PalmMinWidth            = 10
        PalmMinZ                = 200
        CoastingSpeed           = 20
        CoastingFriction        = 50
        PressureMotionMinZ      = 30
        PressureMotionMaxZ      = 160
        PressureMotionMinFactor = 1
        PressureMotionMaxFactor = 1
        GrabEventDevice         = 0
        TapAndDragGesture       = 1
        AreaLeftEdge            = 0
        AreaRightEdge           = 0
        AreaTopEdge             = 0
        AreaBottomEdge          = 0
        HorizHysteresis         = 28
        VertHysteresis          = 28
        ClickPad                = 0

    I also found strange that my Delta values are negative, meanwhile my scrolling acts the opposite.

    [   10.013920] psmouse serio1: synaptics: queried max coordinates: x [..5696], y [..5232]
    [   10.049239] psmouse serio1: synaptics: Touchpad model: 1, fw: 7.0, id: 0x1c0b1, caps: 0xd04711/0xa00000/0x20000/0x0, board id: 0, fw id: 474059
    [   10.094294] input: SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad as /devices/platform/i8042/serio1/input/input6

    The only file I keep editing to see if something changes is the 50-synaptics.conf. But no change at the moment.

  • @UlisesFrank Probably you have already checked that, but does the touchpad work in the live Antergos session? If yes, than it could be a configuration problem in the installed system. If no, than it could be a hardware (touchpad) problem.

  • @just It works, but has the same scrolling problem.

    It can’t be a hardware problem. I have a Deepin partition installed, and there works just fine. Also, today I erased a Manjaro partition to install this Antergos, and in Manjaro worked fine also.

    It must be some config file in the system, which I’m not aware of.

  • @UlisesFrank OK… I remember an option that I read a few hours ago and that solved it.

    I just installed “gpointing-device-settings” and modify from there. I hope it sticks after rebooting.

  • It all sounds rather unusual. Touchpads never have an issue in Antergos and work well without any tweaking or special configuration. It is the first time when a similar situation is reported.


    It is assumed that there’s only one DE installed in the partition, so no other DE could interfer to touchpad’s configuration.

  • @just Yes, it is the only DE in Antergos.

    And it was very unusual this mistake. Linux distros usually fix the touchpad (because in Windows didn’t scroll). But well, I gotta get used to tweak it at the moment (even though it does not initiate at startup, don’t know how to do, so my settings persist).

    Apparently, when I use that program, it changed temporarily the Delta settings to positive, so, I decided to edit them in the 50-synaptics.conf, but they don’t change to positive (not with blank value, negative sign value or positive sign value).

    EDITED: I undone everything I did. Installed dconf-editor, go to /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/mouse/ and unchecked the active sign as sudo. And everything works fine, even after reboot.

  • @UlisesFrank Sorry, I’m quite confused after the long discussion. Does the touchpad work well for you in live Antergos session?

    Can you simply reply with:

    • yes, it does
    • no, it does not


  • @just Yes it does.

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