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    Hi, new here. I’m not asking what is the best Desktop Environment, but which one is the most stable with an antergos install.

    I have Cinnamon on my Linux Mint, and really do like it, but I’m getting a newer computer and want to try out antergos. I need to be able to just work on the system. I tried Cinnamon community edition with Manjaro, but found applications were crashing a lot and couldn’t use it.

    I can get used to any DE, so which one is the most stable? Thanks

  • I’ve only run two so far. Started with GNOME, but had some glitches that annoyed me too much. I then switched to Cinnamon which I’m now currently running. It’s been pretty stable for me, for about a week now. I considered MATE, but it seemed a little clunky on Manjaro when I tried it, and I also wanted to stay GTK3-based since that’s what everything’s moving to.

  • I m afraid that s a question for your hardware to answer, mate (friend, that is , NOT the DE 😄 ). What works flawlessly for one s computer, doesn t work for anothers…

  • OK, thanks for the replies. I know with Manjaro the officially supported Xfce is rock solid in my experience and in a general consensus, and same with Mint - Cinnamon, so I was thinking there may be a similar DE with antergos. I was hoping Cinnamon would be the one, as I do quite like it with Mint and have had almost zero issues with it - except Mint is slower to use than Manjaro.

    You can guess what I’m looking for here: the stability and simplicity of Mint - Cinnamon with snappiness of Arch.

    And yes, I do know how hardware can be a real issue with DE’s - I’ve been there, and appreciate the truth in that comment.

    Thanks again, and I’m open to more comments/ideas.

  • All DE’s have their own quirks. The experience you would have using an Antergos system would be the same as on Arch.

    We do not hold back packages or updates (or edit their functionaility) like Manjaro may have. It is straight from the source.

  • If you’re up to it, you can switch to a window manager (you’ll still have access your desktop environment applications so don’t worry :) ) and just use some of your DE’s applications.

    I have Antergos with GNOME3 installed but I had a hankering for a tiled window manager because of their low memory overhead so I simply installed i3-wm but I still use some GNOME applications (gedit and the like) but without GNOME’s memory hogging :)

    Be warned that configuring window managers like i3 can be pretty intensive but at least i3 has the most human readable configuration files :)

    BTW, I’d love to see an option to simply install a tiling window manager like i3 or awesome from the Antergos ISO :)

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