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    Hi there,

    im pretty new to all that Linux and Antergos Stuff. A friend gave me the hint to use Antergos and i can now not reach him for couple weeks and i run against some walls so i need your guys help.
    I try to install the Arduino IDE. With the Package Manager im not able to do this and even though not through the command line.
    Could someone give me a hint?

    Best Regards


  • @Hurrgar Run in terminal

    yaourt arduino

    Arduino does not make a part of Linux. It is offered by other developers. Marked [Solved].

  • @just Hi, thanks for that answer. I tried that (found it after googling), but there come first a couple of Questions, afterwords i stuck in Screen where i have a lot of Options but nothing from them are accepted. No Error Message or anything else. Maybe i can later paste a Screenshot i noone knows what i try to explain.

  • (0_1458395859979_arduino.png image url)
    Hi there (System din´t let me in again… so, new Account.
    Ok, as you can see as Attachment, i land at this window and cant do any command in there. So i don´t know how or what to do with it.
    Maybe it´s stupid and self explaining, but as i said, im new to this and cant figure out how this should work for me.

    Best wishes Andreas

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