• Good choice for developers?

    I’m a student and I want to try something new in Linux, I wonder if the repository of Arch, Manjaro is also the same as the repository of Manajaro? Are there enough packages for software development? Like mysql, openjdk and more.
    I’m currently downloading the ISO now but I have a limited internet speed.

    PS: I used to use Ubuntu before

  • @dimmsodimm Marked as [Solved].

    Manajaro is not Arch.

    Any and all new Linux packages arrive in Arch / Antergos in the first place.

    Arch is neither for students nor for the faint of heart. Arch Linux and Linux From Scratch (LFS) are two best Linux currently available.

    Tumbleweed from openSUSE is probably the closest to both. Depends on taste.


  • Antergos uses Arch repos and they add one of their own. manjaro uses their own repos. there are plenty of dev software on Arch.

  • I’m a dev using Antergos as primary OS. No problem here :)

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