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    i have one ssd disk . i have made two partitions. One for “/” and one for “/home”. I want to take some space from “/home” partition and add to “/” partition. Is that possible and how?

  • yes, it is possible.
    you have to have your partitions UNMONTED.
    Can do with a live CD of gparted.

    Or if dual booting with other Linux, can do from there as well.
    Still have to have desired partition that you want to re-partition, UNMOUNTED.

    simple and easy method is via the gparted live method. safer too.

  • @abrasmelin If you already posted this question on another forum, got the answer, and even thanked for it, stating that it worked, why do you post again the same question here?

    Avoid cross-posting. That’s a worst practice. Do not force people to waste their free time and energy answering questions that you already got an answer elsewhere.

    Marking the topic as [Solved].

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