• systemctld system-load-modules failure on latest updates.

    AFIDK but the latest update to the kernel has broken my system.
    So for now I am bowing out of Antergos and going back to debian based Linux.

    It brought my system to death just sits at a flashing cursor on bootup.
    When I had it working, I was able to see during boot process for the error that kernel could not load modules.
    and a whole host spills out of messages during boot.

    What results now is that it fails to mount certain needed ntfs shared partiton, and a lot of applications act like they had never been run etc.

    Sadly after playing around more, it came to the point where it would no longer boot into Xwindows, so I am giving up on ARCH based linux for now until the smoke clears, and the LTS becomes LTS after April.

  • Do you have the LTS kernel installed? It aways is a good idea to have it handy if you are looking for extra stability. So, I would recommed you install it and use it till the problem with the latest kernel is resolved.

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