• Borderlands 2

    So far I am loving the speed and cleanness of this distro.
    The only issue I have run into is Borderlands 2.
    I cannot get it to load.
    I verified game integrity
    I re-installed the game from scratch.
    Removed all saves local.
    Replaced all saves local.
    This worked fine in FED and UBUNTU…
    I am a bit perplexed.
    Yes I have proprietary Nvidia driver working and the 32bit libs.
    Other games work just fine. This launches the “starting” steam window. It vanishes. My name on steam then says “In The Borderlands” Then goes back to “Online”
    It is odd.

  • @GreatSouledSam

    Only thing I can think of would be to start Steam, navigate to the directory where the binary for Borderlands 2 resides, start the binary via terminal, see what shows up, and perhaps work from there…

  • Open Steam through terminal and follow the log when opening Borderlands 2: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Steam/Troubleshooting

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