• Possible mistake during installation.

    Not long ago i clean installed Windows 7 on my laptop and the installed Antergos for dual-booting. The hole install-process went by without any problems, but when i tried to boot into windows usig grub, the screen just showed a bunch of horizontal, purple/blue lines and got stuck there. Some times (not often) windows manages to boot through grub but one once. If i restart and try again, i get the same dreadfull screen. When i now read dual-boot toturials, i see that some of them are saying that i should have put the /boot/efi on the ESP-marked partition that were generated by Windows. I did not do this… I only created a swap and a root partition, not a /boot partition. Antergos runs just fine, and when Windows boots, it also works just fine.

    My question is now: did that mistake create the problem i now have, or are there some other reason?

    In advance, Thanks!

  • could be that the mistake you created is the problem you experience now.
    Am only taking it from what information you supply and how you describe your experiences.

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