• Yaourt Core Dump


    Everytime I use yaourt I get a line informing me that there is an illegal instruction and I have a core dump. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    [[email protected] ~]$ yaourt -Syua
    :: Synchronising package databases…
    core is up to date
    extra is up to date
    community is up to date
    archlinuxfr is up to date
    multilib is up to date
    antergos is up to date
    /usr/lib/yaourt/util.sh: line 190: 2740 Illegal instruction (core dumped) package-query “${PKGQUERY_C_ARG[@]}” “[email protected]

    [[email protected] ~]$


  • a core dump is easily fixable. If you utilize the SEARCH function, you will come up with some solutions that have already touched at on this same subject. The Arch Wiki also has information on CORE DUMPS and how to resolve them. I’d start here and also then the Wiki.

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