• Migrating from Ubuntu and Amd R9 performance

    Hello, everyone!

    I’m currently using Ubuntu 14.04.4 in dualboot with Windows 8.1. I’m thinking about changing ubuntu for antergos, while keeping the dualboot with windows, because I read that Ubuntu 16.04 will ditch the fglrx driver and I’m afraid that, in the future, my r9 270X won’t be well supported by Ubuntu. Because I play TF2 and CSGO on a regular basis and record for my youtube channel, I need to have the best performance for my hardware, even if from the open source graphics drivers. Since Antergos is a rolling release distro, and way more accesible than arch linux, I am thinking about changing my main linux distro for Antergos. However, before I make that decision, I’d like to know:

    1. Does steam work well on Antergos? I ask this because I think Antergos is not oficially supported by Steam.
    2. Will I be able to install the Amd Crimson 15.12 drivers for my Gpu?
    3. Is the open source driver performance acceptable (80+ fps on CSGO is my standard) on the R9 200 series?
    4. Will I be able to use Kdenlive, Audacity, Open Broadcaster Software and VLC on Antergos? (kind of a silly question, but anyhow…)

    Anyway, sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for the help. I’d really like joining the Antergos community, I just want to make sure the change will be good for me :)

  • I’m a happy user of Antergos and I would like to answer yes to all of your questions. But my advice is to try it yourself and see what suits you best. Changing your main linux distro for Antergos doesn’t mean you have to *REPLACE *your current OS. If you double boot with Ubuntu, try to free a few GB in your hard drive for Antergos, so that you can triple boot Windows, Ubuntu and Antergos. Then you’ll decide what is good to keep… or not ;)

  • Thanks :) I can already say I’m enjoying the Antergos community. I used the live USB to take a look at the package manager and I quite liked it! I’ll probably make the switch, so thanks :D

  • @benjamimmarchi said:

    I think Antergos is not oficially supported by Steam.

    Just bear in mind that what s supported for Arch is supported for Antergos, too. So, you can always consult the ArchWiki But avoid asking their community…
    .Welcome aboard!

  • @anarch Thanks :D I’ll keep that in mind.

  • @anarch Why avoid using their community? Do they snub antergos users for using the same OS but an easier installer process?

  • Well…up to an extent yes. What bothers them is this extra repo. They don t mind having installed Arch using Architect only (apart from the vanilla). 😄

  • Fglrx is a chore under arch (In my opinion) because all the x libraries you have to downgrade and other stuff. I use arch as my main distro, however I am guessing there will be a ppa for using fglrx on ubuntu. Dropping support was a smart move on there part since it holds back packages and likes to break stuff so maintaining it takes a lot of work.

    However I will be surprised if the community does not patch some older gpus into the amgpu driver when the new catalyst comes out. You could probably hold back on last rts to support fglrx and see what happens. Or come join arch just be prepared to learn how to manage some stuff if you want to use fglrx.

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