• Two questions about translations

    Hello there,

    I have two questions about translations at Transiflex (possibly to developers or the ones engaged :) )

    1). Why there are two separate groups for polish translations? (one named “Polish”, and the other is Polish (Poland)). Which one is “good”, since I am a bit confused.
    2) are there any source images for cnchi slideshows displayed during the installation, so as I could redraw them to match my locale nicely?

    Thanks in advance

  • In this moment i see problems with Antergos translation in Transifex server, i was trying to finished spanish translations and i couldn’t solve it,

    I think that is a common problem with locale code settings, in other project i saw a Truskish and Turkisk(Turkey) files and i think: “WTF?”, but if doesn’t exist other country with Turkish language, but, tr and tr_TR language settings.

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