• Trouble with Screen Rotation Script

    I am running Antergos with Gnome 3.18.2 on a Dell XPS 12 Convertible laptop/tablet, and am working on making the screen rotation more convenient.

    I pulled a version of the following script from an Ubuntu forums post and modified it to match my display name, etc. Each line has the expected result when run on its own, but when I run the actual script, nothing happens - no errors, no screen rotation, nothing:

    rotation='xrandr -q --verbose|grep eDP1|cut -b45-50'
    if [[ $rotation = "normal" ]] ;
      xrandr -o right
      xrandr -o normal

    Any ideas as to why this is not working as expected?

  • Pidi over at the Unix StackExchange site correctly suggested that I replace

    rotation='xrandr -q --verbose|grep eDP1|cut -b45-50'


    rotation=$(xrandr -q --verbose|grep eDP1|cut -b45-50)
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