• How to fix the problem in Cnchi on Minimal ISO

    Many users of minimal ISO Antergos faced with a problem that is not fixed yet. In the installer, on the stages of the country’s choice and a hard disk partition, you can watch these defects, which you see on the first and second screenshots.And in Live ISO with GNOME is not happening))
    0_1457431811172_Выделение_001.png 1_1457431811175_Выделение_002.png
    To fix this you need to open LXTerminal and enter:
    “sudo cnchi”
    1_1457432099404_Выделение_003.png 0_1457432099404_Выделение_004.png
    After that start Cnchi with the theme “Adwaita”. And there will not be similar problems.
    P. S. This thing must take into account the developers)))

  • Hi,

    Please give it another try. It should be working properly now. Cheers!!

  • This post is deleted!
  • @VinZ2002 wish i would have known that lol 😄

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