• How to show Windows Icon in Grub Menu?

    I have followed the instructions of this topic: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/2310/how-to-add-icons-to-antergos-grub-menu-entries
    But i cant see the Windows icon in grub menu:
    How to add icons to Antergos GRUB menu entries?

    Here follows the modified file:


  • Me I am stilol just trying to figure out how to change the TEXT line for the entries, and also would like to make them much larger and bold or even a nice fancy Old English Fonts or something. Just would like to be able to Jazz it up. I realize however it only sits there for 5 seconds.

    Another cool thing would be to hide the text with a nice Plymouth type screen but again for the amount of time you have to even see Xwindows coming up to the working system, is probably not worth bothering with. I know in the theme settings you can pop in Balou or Simple as Xwindows boot choices. I happen to use XFCE so I suppose those choices are limited.

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