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    So I upgraded terminix to the latest version in the Antergos repo, but now whenever I try to open it from the icon on GNOME 3.18.2, it does not give me any output (neither in Logs). But when I open it through the gnome-terminal, it opens without any issue. I tried to check the .desktop file (com.gexperts.Terminix.desktop) but I can’t seem to find any errors there.
    Any suggestions?

    1. how did terminex behave before the upgrade / update?
    2. can you revert back to the previous version?
      pacman -U <older-stable-package-pkg.tar.gz>

    Read carefully :

    Once the package is reverted, temporarily add it to the IgnorePkg section of pacman.conf, until the difficulty with the updated package is resolved.

    But that is only if you want to use that route.

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  • Thankfully, I didn’t have to resort to reverting on a previous version. Everything ok after the latest update (0.52.1-4).

    Cheers to the devs!! Case closed.

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