• Can't install applications

    Just installed Antergos, Gnome desktop. I can’t tell which version of Antergos, but it was downloaded about a month ago. It’s a 64-bit system.

    I recall being able to install both Thunderbird and Google-Chrome on previous Antergos systems, but this seems to be broken. When I search for the apps, the installer finds them just fine. I have AUR turned on. But when I check them to install, I get a message “target not found.” Same with Thunderbird.

    I’ve tried clicking on the refresh button in the installer, but it seems to just zip by without doing anything. Less than a second or so before the refresh finishes.

    Any help will be appreciated This is very strange, and I hope we can fix it.

  • AUR is broken at the moment. For thunderbird you should not have a problem though, as it is not in the AUR. The easiest way to get it is
    sudo pacman -S thunderbird

  • Thank you! Thunderbird is really important, and I see Chromium is already installed (although I prefer the optics of Google Chrome). Life is good. Too bad AUR is broken. Are they working on fixing it? I assume they are.

    Many thanks!

  • chrome will be in AUR also but what do you mean by optics of google chrome?

    chromium works great and is in the arch repos.

  • Chrome just looks sharper to my eyes. I don’t know why. It seems to be a better-looking browser. I know it’s crazy – they’re from the same tree. But it’s just my opinion. In fact, Chromium is safer, as I understand it, and I’m using it now, just fine.


  • @Jeffrey-Needle 😄 hey whatever feels better to you. im not sure chromium is safer but it much quicker to install and update from an arch repo then building from AUR. there isnt much difference though. antergos has pepperflash in its repo. so you set there.

  • Yup. And Chromium works okay for me.
    Thanks for the help and the chat!

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