• Newbie needs help adding "Network" to File Manager

    Hi everyone, I’ve been having some troubles finding the solution for this issue and being relatively new to arch I’m going to ask here before I go “fixing” things that aren’t broken.

    I started off with a base Antergos install with the KDE DE but being new to linux I wanted to try out some other DE’s. I liked Gnome3 and saw what looks to be a derivative of it called Deepin. I installed it and instantly favored it over KDE. I opted to uninstall KDE and it’s dependencies. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask but as close as Deepin is to Gnome I figured this was the best place to ask.

    The “Files” manager doesnt have any network options in the side bar. Here is a pic off the net of what it looks like ;

    alt text

    here is a pic of a gnome file manager which shows the network options in the side bar

    alt text

    I can click on the location option and enter in the ftp address for my network cloud drive but this is a hassle to do every time I need to access files on my personal cloud drive. How can I go about adding this “network” group to my deepin file manager?

  • Only thing I can think of at the moment is that what ever file manager is used by Deepin (and the relevant DE of it) MAY not have the Network listing that you are talking about.
    Different file mgrs for different DE.

    EDIT: Depending on your file manager, you could see if there is something in the man pages of it.
    Also, for example, you could go online. If Deepin uses the Nautilus file manager (not sure if it does) you could also check online here: http://www.fifi.org/doc/gnome-intro/html/introduction-to-gnome/C/nautilus.html

  • Over the past years Gnome devs have kept on stripping options out of Nautilus file manager to the point that for me now, Nautilus is a failure and a totally unusable piece of xxxx.
    First thing I do after installing a new gnome based distro is to replace Nautilus with Nemo, or Thunar or whatever else file manager you like, it won’t be worse than Nautilus.

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